For every dollar you spend on health care, the actual practitioner gets only a taste. The system of "administration" gets a good chunk just for shuffling paperwork. And if you really get sick, this system of Health "Care" will drop your coverage so fast you won't know what hit you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

bill passes Senate

The Senate passes health care bill.

Except that, having removed the public option to appease conservative Democrats, it is now just a regulatory/oversight thing - a police action.

And as various examples in society demonstrate --- the economic mess on Wall Street and main street, the mess on the fronts of two foreign wars --- our government does a piss-poor job of policing and regulating.

It is essentially rewarding the insurance industry for a badly done job by forcing millions of additional Americans to purchase coverage from those same "health care providers" who have showed a knack for murder and financial profit.

A public option would have helped to keep insurance companies in check by allowing market forces to have a balancing effect. If a public plan can run with about 10% or less administrative costs, private insurance would have to stop ripping off consumers and compete on a value basis.

Not unlike TARP, another victory of Socialism for the rich.

A more in depth rundowm here.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Joe Lieberman: Fiscal Conservative... Responsible American

Joe Lieberman was one of the most vocal Senators in support of the Iraq War... i.e. - chasing down Saddam Hussein and creating a Civil War in Iraq as punishment for the actions of Saudi Arabian Nationals.

So spending over 11 million dollars an hour, every hour for the past 6 and a half years blowing stuff up is good and "fiscally responsible".

But he doesn't want to expand Medicare because that's "fiscally irresponsible".

Killing people overseas at 11 million an hour is "fiscally responsible". Saving lives at home at the same burn rate is "fiscally irresponsible."


how to destroy health care reform, alternate perspective

1) establish unbeatable majority

2) use shortsighted appeasement tactics: spinelessly give away concessions during committee phase to opposition forces who don't intend to vote for the Bill no matter what form it takes.

3) having given away those concessions, let grandstanding attention-hungry munchkins of your own super-majority break rank and torpedo your semi-crappy non-reform-oriented "reform" legislation BY GIVING EVEN MORE AWAY and shifting the tone of the Bill to anti-reform.

4) watch as the fallout of your own incompetence swings majority the other way to a Party that knows how to get things done.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

how to fuck up health care 101

1) Confirm that the existing methods are broken and in need of attention.

2) Put Congress in charge of fixing it.

3) Sit back and watch as they make the situation much worse.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Joe Lieberman is a fucking cuntbag

Years from now when you are driven to bankruptcy by excessive health care costs... or MORE LIKELY: murdered by your "health care" insurance carrier, you can point directly back to this week's shenanigans by Joe "cunt bag" Lieberman who shilled for Big Insurance, nullified  his own parties *  majority force controlling TWO OUT OF THE THREE BRANCHES of our Federal government with his (Cunt bag Joe Lieberman's) weak argument of abstract future fiscal discipline, effectively destroying the potential for health care reform.

That 18%+ that the private "health care providers" are pocketing at the expense of your physical and financial well-being. Yeah, that extortion continues thanks to royal assclown cunt bag Joe fucking Lieberman.

to reiterate: Joe Lieberman = cunt bag

* - claims to be an "independent". though we all know he's a Dem who is so quagmired in his cuntbaggery that he can no longer admit it to even himself anymore.