For every dollar you spend on health care, the actual practitioner gets only a taste. The system of "administration" gets a good chunk just for shuffling paperwork. And if you really get sick, this system of Health "Care" will drop your coverage so fast you won't know what hit you.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How does universal health care work?

In Europe, Health Care is a basic human right.

In America, Freedom of Speech and the right to bear arms is covered. We got that whole "life, liberty, pursuit of happiness" thing... whatever that means.

But Health Care is a commodity in the U.S., not a basic human right.

What America doesn't want but desperately needs is Universal Health Care. Hear David Sedaris on French health care (Real Audio File). A view from the inside. From NPR's Morning Edition - August 15, 2000

Sadly, the Asshole Health Insurance Cabal and it's 30% skim will likely continue, except with a new infusion of funding from your tax dollars. Thanks Obama. More Socialism for the Rich.

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