For every dollar you spend on health care, the actual practitioner gets only a taste. The system of "administration" gets a good chunk just for shuffling paperwork. And if you really get sick, this system of Health "Care" will drop your coverage so fast you won't know what hit you.

Friday, July 31, 2009

doctors within borders

They call themselves Remote Area Medical . They are a lot like Doctors Without Borders except instead of going to far flung areas of the planet, the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps stays right here in the United States providing health care to Americans in the poorest, most remote regions.

So what backwoods distressed region of disease and pestilence are they flying to next?

To Los Angeles on August 11-18, 2009.

That's right. Los Angeles (County) ranks as the 16th largest economy on planet earth with a GDP larger than all but 15 nations. Just to be clear: L.A. County's GDP is bigger than Russia, Taiwan, Argentina, Switzerland and France.

The Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps is going to L.A. to "provide free MEDICAL, VISION, and DENTAL care for uninsured, underinsured, unemployed, under-employed persons".

Not sure if they're bringing The Four Horsemen with them.
AUGUST 11 - AUGUST 18, 2009
3900 W Manchester Blvd

beginning at 5:30AM daily


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