For every dollar you spend on health care, the actual practitioner gets only a taste. The system of "administration" gets a good chunk just for shuffling paperwork. And if you really get sick, this system of Health "Care" will drop your coverage so fast you won't know what hit you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

health care deal imminent

The Senate version of health care overhaul according to this Reuters article is nearing it's August deadline and it looks like business as usual.

By "Health Care Reform" what they actually mean is "same shit, different smell".

No public option to the Medical-Insurance Cabal, maintaining their 30% private "tax" on all medical transactions. I wonder whose palms are being greased on Capitol Hill to keep the bullshit parade afloat.

Obama is in the South today selling his 8 leftover Action Items:
"no discrimination for preexisting conditions, only reasonable out-of-pocket expenses, no dropping of coverage for serious illness, no gender discrimination, no annual or lifetime caps and extended coverage for young adults"
...which all sounds very inspiring and affirmative.

Seeing as it is likely these reforms will be enforced on the existing Vampiric Money Bleed System of private profit-based underwriters, it begs the question: How will this be paid for?
"The Senate panel also is likely to back a tax on high-cost insurance policies to raise revenue and keep costs down."
Not unlike the Wall Street multi-trillion dollar bailout, the shape of health care "reform" looks to be another victory for Socialism for the Rich.

And I thought Dubbya was a money funneling greed-head with his private contractors in the War on Terror. Dubbya was an amateur. We're dealing with professional grifters here.

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